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Didn't realize this was tonight. Looked like a new march in for the Dolls. Not sure what they are wearing.

Hello my Luvs!   

I wonder why Micah loves that hairstyle? Her hair looks so much better with a looser curl.

Agreed! Her hair the previous seasons was way more flattering imo

Mika Smith said:

I wonder why Micah loves that hairstyle? Her hair looks so much better with a looser curl.

I really like the uniforms from the front and I think the design of the back is promising but I feel like it clashes with the long sleeves of the top. Something about the two don’t mesh well imo

The march in had its flaws.
Want to see a different angle.

If you need double sided tape to keep the girls secure, you just need two more inches of fabric on the top.

Kaylon, Camryn, Taneria  and Lindsey showed out. I was impressed. 

Whew, I like this one!

Must say. The Orchesis looked great during the battle!

I hate the grandma curls.

Truth_Serum said:

Hello my Luvs!   

Haymer wanted the band to maintain its elegance and technicality; however, he sought to elevate the brand by showcasing a spirited flair. This is the noticeable difference between him and Taylor's directorship, which I noticed from the footage last night. Taylor seems more old-fashioned and stringent. Although he certainly seems to be adapting to the role and better understanding of how to apply and execute his vision for the band. 

Depending on one's preference, you love it or it's a snooze. The band and Dolls are gradually going back behind the glass.

Anatasia1100 said:

I miss Haymer lmao. He gave those girls something to dance from 2014 all the way to 2017. I liked his flashy demeanor & attitude because the band could definitely back it up..... but nevertheless, GOOD LUCK DOLLS!! 


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