So, Before things get Out of hand with Lutcher and their Talk I come to ask The fellow BandHeads whos Really on Top when it comes to Donaldsonville and Lutcher. Trash talking is Not what we do and its Not kool to Talk all that Noise but be the First band to run out of the Baker BOTB (Lutcher), be followed into the Parking Lot, get called out, Blowed On numerous Times by drum major, drum sec, and entire band, and simply say We dont have time for Yall and continue to Talk trash. After one of the band directors came to us Personally and said "Yall know our Drum Section cant handle Dville drum section, Now why yall wanna do That" (FROM A DIRECTOR) Let me Know What yall think?

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results on paper doesnt lie sooo dville is better yur exuse is middle school half of da band is made of freshman on dwn you gt like a few sophmores 1 junior nd 5 seniors so we young too 

I wonder why we never see St Amant High School Band and Terrebone High School Band having heated arguments about "WHO IS BETTER"??


I blame WILLIE LYNCH!!! "Seperate the masses, and they will never progress"

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