My highschool band (J.J. McClain high) has a band prep called Lambda Alpha Psi preps of Kappa Kappa Psi base........we are in search of brother preps in highschools in others areas....right now we are just making ourselves known ..........

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according to nationals and to my concern there are NO "offifical" preps for KKPSI or TBS.

we do not have something like what the Kappa League is to the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

you cant really "prep" to try to be apart of PSI. PSI is something so big you can only understand from the inside...and im pretty sure any brother can agree with this.

southern u. freshman said:
some schools in new orleans have them like 35 they have o.t.p and f.a.h and easton have w phi e
^^^Man that aint Frats that Sectional names .....They're talking about Legitimate Frats Known Observed by the Schools and Related to Collegiate Frats.. Not Sectional organizations..

Technically the Band itself is a Fraternity in its own right, there's no need for Smaller entities unless they have leadership rolls in support of the band..

at JFK in N.O. We didn't have Frats, but we did have Organized Sections so there was no need for anyone in our band to be Grouped up with anyone else. for no reason.. ..
rotf.... At smiley they had QKPsi which "had" two chapters
Alpha Smiley
Beta Marshall

I guess I understand the reasoning but now of days it just starts "non sense" ex... one group of students joins and another start there own frat and BAM your band is divied in half... I've heard about it happening at the college level so I disagree with it AND this non sense of section letters when I crabed I got it from everybody drum majors... drummers mellophones tubas trumpets who ever saw me...
In Houston they got Q K PSI
Cleve...alot of te frat business in Houston was killed in a number of ways...When I was in school (many moons ago) we had Phi. It as sponsored by some Omegas who were teachers. Our principal later labeled it racist (no hispanics would join even though we recruited a few) and then labeled it as a gang. A lil after that there were a lot of hispanic Frats and drill teams...then they kinda went away. Where I was it wasnt a discipline issue, it was race. After they broke up Phi they let hispanics have their own frat on the sly, based out of the ROTC program (which was exclusively hispanic). Phi was not a band frat but a school frat and if I recall if you were a problem at the school you were booted out
And people wonder why hazing is a problem.... #smh
You must really be bored to bring back a topic that hasn't been commented on in over 2 years...


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