Come and join the Louisiana Sounds of Dynamite @ our Extreme Allstar Band SummerJam on July 16th 2011 @ Memorial Stadium! Doors open at 5:00pm show starts @ 6:00pm! Featuring live performances from Max Minelli, Level and more!
Pre sale tickets are soled by all LASOD band members for $10 and can also be purchased @ baker high on Friday July 8th from 5pm to 8pm. Spread the word and bring your family and friends out to support SOD and see the show!

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Wat other bands will b in attendance?
we on our way!..
MAAB will not be there.
I wonder did they cancel it because of all the rain.
Bands who were there NOAASB,LASOD,Mobile All Star band, and St. Martinville
Nope, it stopped raining once they got things started.
New Orleans was bringing it!!!!
How was the attendance?

I think we had between 1,000 - 1,250 in attendance. Hard to tell with all the umbrellas lol but it did stop once we marched in.  St. Martinville and Mobile competed for the money with St. Martinville winning.  Mobile messed up big tyme on the field so everybody knew it was over. New Orleans was pumping HARD as usual to our far left. St. Martinville sounded ok in the stands - I just expected more. Mobile had a nice sound in the stands especially since they were the smallest. And of course we (SOD) held it down hard for that Red Stick. Thank yall for coming!


My Rankings



2. St. Martinville

3. Mobile

New Orleans - Never Marches



1. New Orleans & LASOD tie

2. Mobile

3. St. Martinville


I agree with the rankings, except I wouldn't include New Orleans with the high school all-star bands, because they were on a different level than the other bands.


Also to the point about New Orleans marching, I haven't seen any of the other alumni bands doing fieldshows either.


The SOD band was clearly the best out of the 3 high school all-star bands, their sound was great!!!!

New Orleans was only there as a guest band and all bands did an awesome job. I am extremely proud of S.O.D continue to do great things in Baton Rouge and a special shout out to the staff, yall are really handling business.

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