What are your expectations for tryouts?

I'm expecting Maya as captain, obviously, and Alyx, Taneria, Jordan and Mel as DEFINITELY returning. I have a strange feeling Haymer and DT wanna keep Tailyn around.

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Put Jordan as tail..
She can't because she's being groomed for the BIG TAkEOver !!! #justwaitandsee
HAppy Mother's Day To the Forever DOLLS !!!
Prayers up for the McKinley quarterback Bryan Lee who died last night due to gun violence HE was due to graduate this Wed but instead his family is planning a funeral ! Mr Lee was due to become a walk on with the football TEAm !!!

they were moving back then.  I love vintage Dolls.  I see Tracie Prince and my girl Gwana Green getting them a piece.

SwimPHan said:

Before everyone gets carried away... I wasn't suggesting or even wishing for them to do away with the gloves completely. Since gloves weren't always apart of their aesthetic and things from the 90's are being brought back, I posed the possibility of them ditching the gloves for one performance.

...and don't forget they wore them uglass pink gloves back in '14. From far away, it almost looked like they weren't wearing gloves, sooo...
I just finished watching Imatation of Life with the late Mahellia Jackson and theirs a seen when the show girls come out and raise their legs up ! There costomes look just like the DOLLS of the eighties with the long gloves, back out and headpieces ! I thought of Maya being the only DOLL that can feature thAt look for homecomong or Bayou Classic since she went to VEGAS as a crab !!!
Dedicating LOVE over me by Monica to this week try outs !
Dedicating to those who Will be running this try outs !!! " HE WORKed it OUT. " by. The Anderson Sanctuary CHOIR. GOOD LUCK Everybody !

I started a new discussion page guys. Lets move there to discuss this weekend's auditions process. This page is really long.

SU Fabulous Dancing Doll Auditions 2017-2018

Boogie Down 1983


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