Now, that tryouts are over, what else can we expect?

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I just remembered I totally called it back in May.

Reply by Kane Yasuo Meyers on May 5, 2019 at 6:44pmDelete

This is a reach, but what do you think would happen if Jordan or Tailyn pop-up at try-outs. Do you think they would be allowed to try out or would they be cut automatically. Has there ever been a situation where a doll sat out for a year and came back as captain?

LOL. I remember that post.

Y’all be on to something. I’m telling you. Lol. 

CLOSE the DOOR.............TEDDY P

Kaylon, Micah, and Airielle be killing field routines!

I like the idea of having a co-captain again. 

Damn, yall don't miss nothing!

FleurDeLicious said:

I like the idea of having a co-captain again. 

I couldn’t post this in the other thread bc it’s closed but I agree wit the poster who said they hope Cam’s DD4L fans simmer down a bit. I mean they make a big deal out of EVERYTHING!!!

Y’all remember this scene from last season? 

They were really in Marvin’s comments going on about the girls are bullying and hazing Cameron and how Cameron don’t fuck with them like that blah blah blah lmaoooo Marvin had to make the vid private for a minute bc they were going so hard! And I hope they let Cam dance in the middle this season and she gets some camera time bc they were attacking Marvin for that too. Like it’s his fault she’s dancing on the far left lol. A mess. 

I’m just happy that at least one of KP’s crabs made it to the end. 1/9 lol her legacy lives!

OAN, say what you want about Jordan, I have respect for ‘15 hanging in there together. They supported each other as a unit and never let anything get between them. Can’t say the same about ‘16 and their captain. Thankfully they’re over that now though. I’m looking forward to seeing the sisterhood rebuilt and reminiscent of crab classes like ‘09.
Oh hey Beautiful Dani! Love that pic! Side eyeing the thread title. Lmao lol

But what exactly did Dannie Linkford do in her position as co-captain?

Chile, not a damn thing. She lead like two times lol. Maybe she did more behind the scenes.

Mika Smith said:

But what exactly did Dannie Linkford do in her position as co-captain?


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