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Them damn old heads be having to much to say but can someone explain where are their new uniforms bows that what I want to know sense they got so much input only how I will see an increase in uniforms this year is because of MICS MOM NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR asses I’m pissed THIS IS THE 50th!

Kiara Mix said:

I keep trying to tell people, the "old heads" have a hand in things and it won't be like the previous years. 

Vamped09 said:

IDC WHAT YALL SAY Gabby was definitely in charge over the overall production of the fieldshows last year there’s an extreme difference already shown I feel like this year will have a lot of stand highlights tho 

Not saying she doesn't deserve it, but I sadly feel like they are using that girl as a pawn. Definitely ain't Micah's fault. Something is seriously off. Closed door politics have slowly been trying to mess with the Dolls these past few years and I'm beyond over it. Just pick the best girls and let them dance,damn.

Be Objective said:

I can see it already. People will blame Micah for this field show but didn't want to give Gabby her credit last year. Last year = team effort, this year = blame Micah. I see it already LOL

Well they stopped talking about the captain spot when "DollsVillage" leaked it smh! Its so ridiculous. They give me bits and pieces of information now. They are definitely not happy about the control the old heads have over this year. They HATE the wigs. 

Texasgal99 said:

Can you confirm if she’s co-captain?

Kiara Mix said:

Jordan was asked by a certain someone to audition again and if she did, they would make sure she's captain. 

What's happening? said:

So your saying her not being captain didn't hit her until today or her being back on the team and not being captain hit her today?

Kiara Mix said:

Yall think yall know so dam much. Same one's swore up and down yall knew who cap was. Yall annoying. No ma'am she did not deserve it after she quit. The first year I would agree with but after she quit and called the organization toxic she did not deserve captain. That just sounds crazy. She quit. In a way bashed the organization and you thought she deserved captain? A mess right is right and wrong is wrong. It isn't fair that the other girls stayed and didn't quit but Jordan quit and you feel like she should get captain. It hit her today!!!! Now i'm saying too much just to prove a point

My head hurts! Start a new and more positive thread!


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