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I been said Ikea was the new NEW Bridgette. But I got attacked when I said that. I been called it. But y'all saw her in Gucci belts and that pixie cut and was like YASSSSSSSSSSSSS. Lollllll. She may not be the next Bridgette but whatever

Oop my bad!

P.H. said:

SUArchitect didn't make that comparison, I did. He would never say that. LMAO! 

MiamiVice92 said:

This is exactly how I felt. Jordan was practically a shoe-in last year and when that didn’t happen, I was so disappointed that it was hard to appreciate Gabby’s musicality, count selection and grace. Even though I will still maintain that she cemented herself a little too late, Gabby was not a terrible captain at all. Micah at the helm just feels like she could’ve stayed in the back and let Gabby run things. Not everyone is meant to be captain.

I can see why SuArchitect compared Akai to Bridgette too. Even though she’s not as horrific, Akai seems to have too much say in the creativity and direction of the girls and she may be stifling them. I like that she’s been protecting the girls but being overprotective at the expense of allowing the girls to truly shine? That’s not going to work. Guide them but let them be great too!

P.H. said:

We know each captain will get their share of criticisms based on performance. I think most of the flak Gabby received stemmed from a logistical issue concerning the Jordan ordeal. Gabby was just the unfortunate target in the crossfire. The mob of Jordan fanatics needed someone to blame for it. The long and short of it—Gabby’s flak was mostly based in slanted perceptions of fanatics feeling slighted that Jordan was overlooked for captain. People were grieving and mourning that loss rather hard.

D’Tara’s card has been getting pulled since 2014. She’s gotten it more than KP and Stamper. It was made clear, by many posters, they didn’t like her influence on the squad. Specifically, she wasn’t hands-on enough. Yet, here we are with Akai, who’s apparently boss H.B.I.C autonomously runnin’ thangs and nothing gets past her; however, Micah is a dud. Yet, Taylor gave Akai sovereignty. Where are we going???

Love Dance said:

The captain definitely got all of the flak last year too.

P.H. said:

I haven’t watched any of the videos, but what’s interesting to me about the discussion is that Akai receives praise for being borderline overbearing because “she’s in charge of the girls,” but Micah is receiving all of the flak for an underwhelming season. I think the duties and responsibilities of the captain have been significantly reduced under Akai. I wouldn’t be surprised if the gist of Micah’s role is simply throwing counts in the stands, which is still under the discretion of Akai.

Boring has long been a descriptor for the Dolls, especially Dolls from Akai's era. Outside of Doll fans, the HBCU dance line fans often disregarded the Dolls as boring. Lest we forget, last year was dubbed as boring or lackluster. What's the common denominator? Akai gradually became more involved. Although she wasn't official until this upcoming season.

2014-2017 was an experimental phase for the brand. Gabby, Jada, Jordan, Kaylon, Micah, and Taneria all joined the organization during these years. When have they been described as boring? Hell. Micah tends to overcompensate. The girl is clearly trying to operate within restrictions. She's NOT boring. She's restricted, and it's obvious. We saw it last year with Gabby--it was clear the organization wanted them to LEAN more to the traditional format while retaining some of the newer elements. A few posters remarked on here before the start of this season that this year's team was going to be more traditional. Do you honestly think this was Micah's decision? 

They aren't cutting loose because they've been instructed NOT to cut loose. We know that the directive didn't come from Taylor. When was the last time you saw a Doll sponsor dictate to a captain when to throw or stop throwing counts? This is the behavior and conduct of Worthy and Bridgette. Both of whom became problematic for their teams. 

To whoever made the comment that Akai clearly isn't the concern because she allowed Jada to be the tail. The tail being extra isn't groundbreaking or novel; it's standard. No dice. 
Love Dance said:

I agree with you. I had high hopes too. The band seems to be very lackluster this season. I don't get either how Akai is responsible for a captain not delivering in the stands. I get that she may be seen as overbearing, but I don't get how that equates to a captain being boring. I just don't see her saying tone it down for a battle.

BandJunkee said:

Yea. I haven’t been entertained since Dannie. I apologize. I had high hopes for Micah. 

Now, I do agree with y’all about the band. It is very lackluster. I’m still trying to get the Akai influence over the Dolls “boring” demeanor. 

Bridgette and Worthy, but people like their rose-colored glasses. Akai is in charge of the girls. Didn't she select the captain? She doesn't let them go out there looking any kind of way, apparently. BUT, suddenly, Micah is boring after three years of being on the team, which doesn't have anything to do with the new sponsor who told the girl to stop throwing counts in a video and acts as their supreme protector by demanding muthalovers make some muthalovin' room. Oh, and she "checks" band directors. Big Sister Respect the Gun Line, boss.

I don't want any of the Kool-aid that's being drank in here.

SpanishFly said:

I been said Ikea was the new NEW Bridgette. But I got attacked when I said that. I been called it. But y'all saw her in Gucci belts and that pixie cut and was like YASSSSSSSSSSSSS. Lollllll. She may not be the next Bridgette but whatever

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