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No, they are told not to "break their back". Meaning, head whips, but do not bend your back, like the Stingettes-style calls for, for example.

Kane Yasuo Meyers said:

That's interesting bc I always hear former dolls say that they are taught to be very subtle with their lay-outs. 

Jason said:

if you think THAT is wild, then....WOW! You have deeper issues than I thought. And if you are going to lay out and throw your head back, then DO IT. Dolls are taught to make your head DISAPPEAR, or else it just looks lazy when you throw your head back in a half-ass manner. If you knew ANYTHING about Dance, you would know that Micah is doing a proper lay-out.

If she was light-skinned, you would think she is cute and slaying, cause it wasn't a problem when KP or Jordan did it. But since she a brown-skinned girls that's not Americas supermodel, it looks wild, huh? Tell me sum'n, sis.


Mika Smith said:

I said they are similar in their execution, not the same. 

Micah has better form than Jordan imo, but Micah dances a bit harder and wilder than a few others.

Taneria dances wild too, which imo is why I don't think she would ever be good upfront either.

Just a quick example here. 

Look at how much further Micah throws her head back, whereas everyone else is in unison.

Little things like that makes them not look as one, which becomes an eyesore for me.

Jordan moves in ways too that is different from the collective, which again, becomes an eyesore or distraction for me personally. It's where I start to nitpick.

Jason said:

If you think Jordan and Micah have the same level of execution, you are absolutely bat ish crazy, luv. lmao. 

Mika Smith said:

Jordan has a lot of fans, but also in the comments when she's lead there's ALWAYs been critiques as well. Her and Micah are one in the same imo, missing the nuances when it comes to count selection and most importantly, execution. 

Maya was another one people called boring and felt she had no excitement. 

I'm wondering what were people saying at the time to defend her?

Blance said:

OK...but you have to admit the general consensus on her would be "YAAASSS!!  SLAY!!" with the same quality set.

Mika Smith said:

Not necessarily because you just described Jordan as well, and I've given my opinions multiple times on her leading and being upfront.
Blance said:

Wheeeeewwwww Chile! People are not ready for this kind of truth. It really is obvious.

Micah gives technique, sass, energy, spunk...and all people do is complain. If someone else was giving all that, it'd be a totally different story...nothing but incessant praise. Embarrassing.

Jason said:

NEWSFLASH! And this may be a very sensitive topic, but let me purge the REAL issue for many of yall, and lets be very clear: Micah is not some of yalls type because you just don't think she is PRETTY enough. However, if you take HER dancing and energy, and replace it with MELODY's face, then some of yall would be absolutely gagging and losing your MF'ing minds and going crazy over her.

Lets be VERY CLEAR, Micah is ABSOLUTELY GEORGEOUS, and her personality is so infectious (if you've ever met her in person). I think she is doing great. This girl is doing everything she absolutely can to prove herself and I CAN SEE that she is literally giving her everything. 

She will never be ENOUGH for some of yall, and it has absolutely nothing to do with her dancing, her personality, her leadership, her character, or anything substantial. Yall just didn't want HER face as the "Face" of the Dancing Dolls. 

New thread please.


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