Favorite and/or Most Liked Dance Squad/Line Fieldshow Routine(s)

I will begin with the Dancing Dolls fieldshow routine from Bayou Classic 2013, performing to Lady Gaga... A complete beast on the opening forte' turns.


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Speak the truth! This will always be one of their best routines! That year was just whew LAWD amazing for them.

Nastacia E.De Sousa said:

Txsu Motion 2008.. It never gets old, The quality of choreography, the execution, the ability to "Dance" well...

Some of my favs:

JSU -- Swoop 2001 is my all-time favorite Sette routine. Got Me Good (2013) is probably my favorite modern-era routine, followed very closely by 3 (2010).

SU -- Suga Mama (2007) definitely gets an honorable mention, along with Do My Thang (2005), If I Never See Your Face Again (2008), and Betcha/If You Were My Man (2010). But I think my fav classic Doll routine goes to Serious (2005), and my favorite modern-era routine is a close tie between Beautiful Monster (2010) and Where Have You Been (2012).

ASU -- Favorite Sting routine is pretty much anything from 2010.... California Girls, 3, Lover Girl..... all amazing routines. Asia's She Came To Give It To You routine is also a very worthy honorable mention.

TxSU -- Damaged. 2008. Nothing else will ever come close. Jermani's Vibe routine and Quin's Million Dollar Girl also stand out.

BCU -- Glamorous (2007) will forever be the best, most versatile 14K feature ever performed. Firecracker (2010) and Le Freak (2007) are two other strong favorites.

NSU -- That Danger routine at Battle of the Bay (can't remember the year) was amazing.

Morehouse -- wayyyyyy too many Mahogany favs to name. Queen of the Night (2009), Bad Girl (2008), and the Africano routine from Honda 2014 all stand out. But my all time favorite has to be There She Goes (2004).

AAMU "Shake ya Pants" Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!

LISA said:

J-settes Cup of Life 1999

Shake Your Pants 1998 (skip to 4:35).  This is one of the best routines I have ever seen with the best ending to any routine I have seen.  

Crazy in Love 2003

AAMU Dancing Divas Shake Your Pants

2005 Motion (Dont Cha) vs JSU was GREAT Also under LaTrecia Mallet

I can't WAIT to the see the VIDEO's from the Southern University Band Camp 2015 and Baby Doll Camp !!!

Mahogany In Motion is definitely on my favs...can't wait to see these ladies this season. They have so many great field shows to choose from but i'd definitely go with:

2004 There She Goes

2006 "Give it to me" (starts at 00:30)- Loved the uniform choice for this song

2007 "Lovestoned" - they were so clean on this one.

2013 "Let's Groove Tonight" (starts at 2:40) They went AUFF on this joint...splits, leaps, turns & ground work were all on point!



Some of my favorites:

1. Settes-I go to work (1999)against UAPB &(2000).

2. GD- Latin Nights (2009), All 4 yrs honda routines (2009, 13, 14, & 15)

3. Dolls- With Me ( 1998) against JSU

Motion 2008 Talking In Your Sleep... Notice two girls take a knee... Krystal did not play

The Dancing Dolls of SU dancing to System of Survial---as Gina Jobe was the Captain that lead that ROUTINE @ Home Game when it was raining !!!

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