GAME ON!!! GOLDEN DELIGHT 2017! Versatile Artistry: An Original Masterpiece..

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SLAYlor Swift said:

More Bodyboys and Football players...gotcha! reminds me of the guy at the end of the Arabian Indoor feature vs Champagne...

Rep.Maxine AggieHead Waters said:

Let's talk about the "guys" in Delight features.. (exheals) I didn't mind the "guys" so in the 70's show.. But I think that is in most cases the Guys that dance with Delight aren't on the same level as Golden performance-wise and they often take away from the show. Take the Fire show from Honda (Egyptian theme) the squad decide to use guys from AphiA. COOL..when it came time for the Guys to "dance", Delight was in the back ground going off, but the "guys" were in the foreground doing "Some ol regular, smegular, tuting that we've all seen before".. I think a better visual would have been a few 6 foot muscle boys that just stood there and hit a few musical and choreographed accents. Give me: abs, arms, back, chest, shoulders, legs, and butt Tiffany, not these scrawny looking boys that are just happy to be there. Same with the BAD BOY show.. You have three guys, two holding up the "vine" the "snake" is hanging from .. they should have body's that looked like as strong as the Tree of Life.. then we have Adam.. and man handcrafted by God himself! First man on earth with a diet of fruits and berries...SHIT YALL!! that men should have had a body that exemplified the beauty of God's creation, a body that look like black excellence....but we get some random from the music appreciation class. Meanwhile Delight is going off.. y'all see where I'm going..

jessie said:

That feature was tasteful imo. I felt as though everything was planned out perfectly. From the uniforms to the choreography. The only part that I would did away with was the guys that dance with them in the middle of the feature. Other than that, I enjoyed it.
Liz said:

Personally that show was one of their sub par at best festure! It wasn't clean & the choreography seemed basic to me. When I think of a Golden Delight field feature. I see lots of clean dancing, flags, & top notch choreography. Like the 2013 Lady GaGa feature at Appalachian State.
SBA said:

... And the 70's disco feature was great too I thought....
jessie said:

The best field show last season was at Howard. Then of course this year's honda feature.
Liz said:
Golden Delight has been one of my favorite squads now since 2010. Since then I have learned to appreciate their style. This season I expect nothing but the best from them. However, last season I was more into the stands versus the field shows. Not to say that they didn't have good shows. But to me, the stands was more of a highlight than the shows. I like to see both from Golden Delight.
Dat Damn Desiree!!! I love her passion, and growth... but Damn Desiree you got set down twice ... I always knew she was a firecracker but Damn girl... lol I feel like Desiree and I would be friends lol

Gemini said:

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