Give your top pick squads.. That were CONSISTENT & UNMATCHED for the 2015 season..

Okay, so the season has pretty much came to an end.. And we have seen the heavy hitters & underdogs performed all season! So who were the consistent top notch performing squad(s)? My top 5 picks would be 1. Stingettes 2. Delight 3. 14k 4. J-settes & 5. Dolls.

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1) & 2) Divas and Dolls 3) Delight 4) GG (Alcorn) 5) 14k


1. Divas (have surprised me)
2. Settes(Dom is going out with a bang this year)
3. Black Foxes (didn't like them but they have surprised me)
4. GG's Alcorn they're changing things up)
5. Stingettes (it seems as if they try to hard)
I did like the Black Foxes this season. Field wise. Divas were pretty solid this season. Really enjoyed their Womanizer feature at the MCC.
  1. 14k
  2. Delight
  3. Stingettes
  4. Jsettes
  5. Black Foxes
  6. Dolls
Top 2 consistent SWAC this season was Settes & Stingettes.

Overall consistency- Delight

1. J-Settes

2. Stingettes

3. 14K

4. Golden Delight

5. Alcorn Golden Girls

6. Dolls

7. Divas

8. Black Foxes

9. Motion

10. Orchesis

j settes




DIvas(still needs work) j settes ate them for lunch

Orchesis(coming on up in the world)

Black foxes(still cant get into them)


Stingettes, Settes, & GD did it for me this season!
Golden Delight!

Top 5 (in no order and swac only) is hard, but I'll rank based on consistency in the stands and on the field:

1.  Divas (they've been on it for some time now, but they're so underestimated).  As far as next year's captain I wouldn't be shocked if Kierra (twin came back and got it.  She's a 4th year vet, but it's happened before IE Shannon did 5 years and Jazmine did as well.  However it'll be whomever Crishanna sees fit "Montoya, Savanna, Kia, or Tamera".  We all know that much more than dancing ability goes into being captain.  But 2 of the previously mentioned ladies will take the captain spots for next season.

2.  Stingettes (in the stands they kill it, and their field shows have been pretty consistent)  Captain of next year will probably be Tey.  I like her.

3.  Alcorn Golden Girls (they've been improving greatly and cleaning up their form and image over the years).  It'll be a tight race for captain next year, but I wouldn't be shocked at all if we see Catherine up front next season.

4.  Black Foxes (have really been on it and shocking the crowds with the style tweaking and keeping some traiditions).  Captain Prediction:  Not sure of who the girls are, so I wouldn't be able to give a fair pick.

5.  J-settes have been on it with a crab heavy squad (I wish Dominique didn't have to endure all of the drama, but she handled it all gracefully and killed it in the process.  Just goes to show just how great of a leader she is and how professional she is).  Captain prediction:  Can't even predict due to how the last few years have gone.

Honorable mention:

Dolls:  one of my absolute favorite squads.  Jordan is amazing.  However something just seemed off with them this year.  I hope they'll be able to rebound and come back stronger than ever.  

Captain predictions:  If they want another 2 year captain: Maya will get it if she wants to dance next season.

If Connor does another rip, we may see her in front.

But with all that being said, I think we may see Danielle up front next year.

All in all I just want to see the more glamorous side of the dolls, that we've all come to love.

Golden Delight

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