Golden Delight 2019 the X-Factor (Da Duke Take Over) Technique, Technique, Technique, Energy, Technique, Creativity, Technique

Okay yall, we’re still in PWI season, so it’s time to AGGIE UP and head on over to Duke University.  Word on the street is that our team has a shot at winning this game. So you know Aggies Nation is super hype, and with the Blue and Gold Marching Machine in the stands you know it’s going to be a party.  However, even with all the hype over the football team, I can’t seem to hold my excitement for the Band

 and Golden Delight.  IMO, the BGMM has done some of their best shows at these PWI matchups and I have a feeling that the Duke game will be no different.  I’m also interested in seeing why this season’s theme is the X-factor…


Ps: I wonder if Duke sells fish plates..

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... In that order... lol...

Marsha B said:

Of course GD gets the highest score

jessie said:

These guys are so funny. But I love how they critique and give their unbias rankings!

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