Golden Delight: 25th Anniversary and The Greatest Homecoming on Earth.. #GHOE #AGGIEPRIDE #ILOVEA&T

Thee Greatest Homecoming On Earth 

 It's that time of year when every Aggie you know starts to loss their mind. Every Aggie you know start to pull out every stitch of Blue and Gold they own just to stunt on every other HBCU... Hell, every PWI for that matter.  Homecoming is something special for us Aggies, we truly love our University. God I wish I could explain what GHOE is to an Aggie... Its kinda like when you came home for fall break during your freshmen year... and your Grandmother met you at the door with open arms the biggest smile on her face...with a pan of homemade mac and cheese just for you. And she would cuss anyone out that tried to get some.. Cause that Mac and Cheese was made for you and only you, and it was made with love. Soooo, take that feeling and hold it for a week straight, that's what GHOE feels like to me.     


Golden Delight Auxiliary's 25th Anniversary.

What I can say about Golden Delight, Ms.Tiffany, and Staff, or Dr.Ruff , that we haven't already said. It's only been 25th year and this squad is arguably the best squad out today. Never would we have thought that Golden Delight would be mentioned in the same sentence with some of the "heavy hitting squads", let alone surpasses some of them. Thank you Ms. Tiffany for given me the license to be petty with these girls, because I know that on any give Saturday Delight is going to slay period. Congratulation and have a great show.

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I'm sure it was based on the practice schedule 

Can’t wait for the 21st. I’m ready to be buried in a sea of gold and glitter when Cookman and A&T match up. I like it much better at Aggie stadium.

Hahaha, the atmosphere is more better at Aggie Stadium. Our crowd at Cookman is dry mostly, we don't get hype for nobody unless its FAMU *rolls eyes* . Lol

Well in Aggie stadium. We are always happy to see & hear BCU.
No need for the eye rolling. We love y'all too lol. Just get ready for the rattlers!
I am excited. The BGMM is sounding great & the Wildcats are always sounding superb. And GD & 14k will do their thang.
I'm ready for this matchup too.

Wish I could be there. Who would have thought that the top two dance teams would be in the MEAC.

Right Lol.
Golden Delight & 14k. The best MEAC squads hands down & my favorites.
...Definitely looking forward to this matchup as well... Though I must say I have only seen one routine out of 14k this season so far... I expect it will probably be a new one time they face Delight... As for Delight, I would love to see the New Attitude routine. But done to perfection! ...
The New Attitude routine would be great to see again without the stunt or do it right.


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