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they looked great. however, i always hated that uniform!

Head Bussa

Norfolk's Halftime Show

5th Quarter (Part I)

5th Quarter (Part II)

I enjoyed both shows. Both bands sounded good. A&T imo had the better show. Of course GD looked great & energized during the feature. And in the stands.
Bout time we get the highlights again lol.
Golden Delight was nothing more than Delightful. I think the ending of the routine could of been a little cleaner. But overall, they slayed! And in them stands. I am loving the new individual counts & new revamped routines. I feel like Alexxus is finally starting to come out now.
Yes I swear this is the best I seen Alexxus unleash like this. Great job Alexxus
I agree Liz. They really worked out in the stands this game. First time I was glued to Alexxus when she was leading lol. And Brittany never gets old to me on T-shirt.

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