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I am glad they are starting to pull out more of the old leotards. That we haven't seen in awhile.
.... I would love for them to bring out the multi color leotard from like the 2011 season... The blue background one with the multi colors in it..

Are you talking about like blue with light blue and green on it?

.... Yes that's the one...

Desiree's squad has that uniform now. 

.... Ok gotcha....

AggieT-Pet! brrrrrrrrrrro! *waves*

Well I watched both bands. And thought it was a pretty even matchup in the stands. Field wise. I will give it to A&T. Two great MEAC programs that sounded good & musical. Golden Delight was the ultimate difference between the two squads. They came prepared & ready to execute. The stands were off the chain. The creativity of GD is just awesome. Great job BGMM & Legion.
Hello all,

I know I am late to the party lol. But been super busy. And have finally watch the performances. Starting with GD. They were totally awesome in the stands. No complaints whatsoever. Alexxus took ownership like she has been waiting to do that for awhile now. The energy, creativity, & cohesivess was all there throughout. Field routine was energetic & kept me locked in the whole time. The ending was great. The band sounded amazing. On to Hot Ice. For they were never my favorite squad to follow. However, they need alot of work. In field presentation & the stands! Their entire feature was very confusing & all over the place. I felt like it was not "collegiate" material at all! The spartan legion sounded awesome. They are slowly getting back to the old NSU. Both bands half great shows & quite even in the stands. Great job to both.
.... Alexxus has completely gotten my attention & respect... She really showed out last weekend...
Alexxus said we will give her respect Lol.
This may be a little messy lol. But do you guys think that Alexxus should of been head captain? Than Keke? Just asking.


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