Golden Delight week 2: Lets Talk: New Band Uniforms, Muisc Arrangements, and Choreography


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I think the new uniforms looks good. And the band put on another great show. Especially that Miki Howard. GD looked good as usual. Twirling was nice.

I loved the simplicity of Delight's uniforms-- as the band was showcasing their new unis and instruments. The show was solid, but I liked the Bruno Mars show more.

Yeah when I saw the leg warmers before they took the field, that was the first clue that they were throwing back to the 80s for their feature.
A&T has been doing it for awhile now with their field shows. The new uniforms actually looks nice. Delight had a simple 80s type of routine. But I would of preferred some straight fire dancing to New Attitude!
I agree
.... I agree as well... I didn't care for the ballet pole etc.... It took away from the routine imo... I would like to see this feature preformed again... Without the props... Because it is too many technical dancers on the squad to not have top notch throughout choreography...
I agree I did not like the 1/2 of the feature, backfill, ballet bars, and flags.. Gurl why?
.... Well the show was good... The uniforms are ok... Prefer the old 90s early 2000s A&T uniforms better... Delight feature was meh... I thought this was a place holder routine... Definitely a few notches down from the Bruno Mars show... This routine could of been straight fire if it was pure top notch dancing like the Bruno Mars feature... Nevertheless, it was a decent routine...
... OAN: The twirling was great this show... Jaidlin is such a firecracker...
Jaidlin is everything...
Yes she is. She is always giving 110%!.
Keke & Jaidlin gives me everything on the field.


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