WHO's IN - Golden Passionettes 2017-2018 (Who's In, Who's Out, Who's New, Who's Not)

Golden Passionettes (17-18) - Including Mama D (Staff Advisor) and the Chance The Choreographer

(l-r: #5-Andrece (3yr), #12-Megan (3yr), #3-Melissa (2yr), #19-Elyse (Gunkie - Transfer from Alabama State), #1-Trinity, Wynter (5yr-Captain), Mama D (Advisor), Mykia (2yr, Co-captain), #9-Shaye (Gunkie-Former YCDT), #17-Kiera (Gunkie), #6-Maurissa (Gunkie), #2-Brianna (2yr), #8-Dannie (2yr)

2017 Gunkies with Captain, Wynter and Co Captain, Mykia

Wynter R. (Captain 17-18, 5yr vet) served as the unofficial Co-captain during the 16-17 season

  • HS - Benjamin Cardozo Dance Program (Queens NY,4yrs)
  • Studios & Dance Teams: Jasper Performing Arts Center (HS and Middle)), Albany State Felines Dancer (Semi Pro Arena Football). Platinum Divas 15-17, Genesis Dance School, PS30 Dance Troupe
  • Other Activities: Praise Dance Teams (Captain 2yr Anointed Vessels - Albany State Choir & Home Church in St. Albans, New York)
  • Delta Phi Delta
  • Wynter front row far right with black leggings with yellow and red top.

Mykia C. (Co-captain - 2yr vet, 2016 Gunkie Leader)

  • HS: Ramsay HS Marching Band (Blue Diamond Captain 15-16, 4yr vet), Softball Team (4yr), Homecoming Court (1st Attendant), Cheerleading
  • Studios & Dance Teams: Dancing Stars Studio (DS Elite Travel Comp Team (Captain 15-16, 2yrs), Corky Bell Dance Studio, Ebony Arrington Dance Studio, M.A.D Skillz Dance Company
  • Platinum Diva 16-17

2016 Auditions - Solo

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Any Thoughts on what happened to Stephanie from Florida (2yr vet) the Co-Captain from 16-17?

Stephanie & Nylah the only grils from the 16-17 squad that did not go Pnette.

Passionette Clinic in Atlanta was s success. I know several of the young ladies from the HBCU Dance Corp summer camp. The light skin young lady (Asian/Black) has a lot of potential. The clinic as conducted by C-Captain Mykia and the 16-17 captain Jasmine

As it relates to HBCU Danceline Auditions, Wynters is the most documented HBCU dancer. Point Blank Period. Her form changed from 2013. I need her to dig deep and remember where she came from dance wise. Wynters was a NEW GENERATION DANCER prior to attending Albany State. Over the past 4 years the Passionette style has been front and center with her. IMO this is the main reason for her change in form. Take a look at her 2013 solo and the comments. Initially Wynter didn't make the team, she was called back. This is a dream come true for Wynter as she rose above adversity to clince the captain spot. What a great story.

2016 Audition - Solo

2016 Audition - Group - Girls that made the team

2015 Audition - Solo

2015 Audition - Group Dance - Girls that made the team

2014 Audition - Solo

2014 Tryouts - Wynter R. (pink top back row center in Group Dance) - Ladies that made the team

2013 Audition - Solo

2013 Stands

Wynter is the sole survivor of her 2013 Gunkie Class - Bottom Left

New Generation Dancer Wynter was recently in Nairobi, Kenya ministering in dance to the locals. What a great opportunity to share her talents.

Wynter @ 1:15 (Reminds me of Worshiping in the Caribbean when I was a Youth). I got very emotional watching this.

Wynter, Grandmother, Mother at The Kenya Tea Brunch in preparation for the trip

What a distinguished Family. Wynter brought back hand made clothes for her parents and herself. If her choice of uniforms is anything like her choice of clothing Passiontees are going to be A OK next season. Great sense of style

Mykia C. (Co-captain - 2yr vet, 2016 Gunkie Leader)

2016 Auditions - Solo - Although Mykia father was very concerned that she injured herself, she was not hurt. This girl is built tough as nails.

Gunkie Leader leading at the Fountain City Classic

Wynter & Alexis #poised. 2017 Auditions in; 5, 4, 3...........

There is tangible evidence that having auditions early will benefit your squad. The Passionettes are the 2nd HBCU Danceline to have Auditions in 2017.

I need a few candidates with KiKi's Energy & Fire. Audition Showcase in 5,4,3,2,1

Golden Passionettes 2017-2018 with Mama D & Chance the Choreographer

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