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Absolute snooze fest.....I had one of the best naps of my life durning this battle...UAPB is boring as hell. And GSU sonf selection during 5th quarters is the worse....GSU directors need to be locked in a closet in the band hall on campus for the bayou classic BOTB.....SU is gonna smash the shit outta the if they go in with this boring ass crap
Ill take both sounding good over anything Every week gsu has been displaying new music im sure classic music will not be played yet gsu normally comes with new music for bayou anyway im sure they will be prepared its sad when gsu does sound good they still cant win its lost lost at times.
and gsu played a variety of old and new same as any other band! there is nothing wrong with this song selection at all!
You got your opinion. I have mine....if they go into the bayou classic BOTB playing that old 70's shit and don't get the crowd. It will Be BOOOOOOOOOOO all night long
You know gsu wont play that at no bayou classic! but each band end up playing a old school joint anyway! but you know gsu wont play none of the above songs and SU have played some of them oldies gsu is playing too at games

They actually both sounded very nice should know Grambling.....we never been a "tear the juggler out" type of band...and UAPB and GSU always have a musicianship battle.....loved it....hell that is GRAMBLING sounding like GRAMBLING should....not trying to be Southern University at Grambling Campus like the other schools. UAPB and GSU...big ups. AEA

I'm almost disappointed to see this from you of all people the history of the Classic...some of the "loudest" bands from Grambling were the ones that you give a look like wth cause usually trying to match decibels with SU is what fails them. QUALITY......glad their back to it...

key example 06....very looud at the botb yet sloppy. Seems as gsu never get a break yet on this clip it shows both bands doing them why try to match SU u seen how that worked out for asu yesterday not good.good job to both even 90s gsu wasnt kill kill but 99 was omg

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