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Song OF THE DAY....GOD OF a 2nd chance by Bishop H Walker and 1st LADY Monique Walker!

Who gives a rat azz bout what you think..what’s “rough” about it!

nsuking2005 said:

All 4 groups represented themselves well for this event. My ranking:

1) Stingettes

2) J-Settes

3) Dancing Dolls

4) Golden Girls

It was actually pretty close between Stingettes and J-Settes, for me, but Stingettes were definitely the best of the day. They put on a quality show from entrance to exit. I honestly kinda tuned out from the Stingettes during the season, but Amber has gotten a lot better with leading.

I've missed Dominique's presence with the J-Settes, so it was nice to see her back for a 1-off. Their entrance, with her leading, was also just took a slight decline when they switched lead to do the counts.

Dolls put on a perfectly solid showing. Jordan is continuing to improve in her form...she just appears to still be finding her legs up front. I think, once she finds her sweet spot between good form but keeping her naturally great presence and charisma, she'll be a force in the fall. 

Golden Girls were a bit rough around the edges for me, but good energy and entertainment from them as always.

Have several seats.. your opinions just like assholes...everyone has one.... GGs birth all y’all!

DancingBear said:

The J-Settes are a perennial powerhouse because they are the mold-makers for the majority of the HBCU dance lines of the world. They are, more than likely, the point of reference for whomever your favorite dance lines is. They been doing their thing for decades and other dance teams have been taking notes and copying. Put simply... how you gone out-J-Sette the Prancing J-Settes, they are the originators?

When it comes to today's HBCU dance teams, their are two distinct dance line styles: Prancing J-Settes and Dancing Dolls. Everyone else, with the exception of PV's Black Foxes, are a poor knockoff of one or a failed mixture of the two distinct dance line styles.

Don't start that lol Next CaseeEEEee!!!

Stuntboi06 said:

lol baby she came in and popped off on everyone yassss lol

justDANCE said:

Don't start that lol Next CaseeEEEee!!!

Stuntboi06 said:

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