Well,  its almost that time again... To see who is the Best of the Best! Come check out the Largest Drum Competition in Houston. The 7th Annual High Noon Show Down Battle of the DrumLines..This yr. High Noon will be on  March 31st, 2012.

 A few things have changed, please contact me asap for more details or any questions you may have...Please call (713) 696 - 0200


Time - High Noon aka 12pm

Location - Sam Houston High School - 9400 Irvington Blvd. zip 77076

Tickets $5 bucks at the Door only.


List of Schools to Compete. - (as of today)

High Schools

1.Austin - Defending Champs


3. Raul

4.Kimball - Dallas Tx

5.Townview - Dallas Tx


7. Ozen - Beaumont Tx


9. The Waco All Star Percussion - Waco Tx



Middle Schools

1. B.C. Elmore - Defending Champs

2. ParckCrest - Austin Tx

3.Decker - Austin Tx

4. Thomas


6.Girls&Boys Preparatory

7. Key

8. Fannie C. Willams - New Orleans LA.



1.Shadydale - Defending Champs


3. Cook



New Host School - Sam Houston High School


This event is being sponsored by


Evans Drum Heads

Sabian cymbals

DrumMaster Studios


Dj Gravitate - Will be in the House!


Remember this competition is about What you can PLAY!!!

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High Light Video from Last yrs High Noon Show Down

Hell yea! Let me hop back on that BDrum LOL

Sam Houston High School, in Houston Texas, is proud to be the new host site of the 7th Annual High Noon Drum Competition; one of Texas' Largest Drum Competitions. Directors, please feel free to contact me with any of your questions as I will be working closely with Mr. Sanchez to accommodate your group needs. My email is mwilmore@gmail.com. More information will be forthcoming.

~Marcus Wilmore, Band Director

********JUST IN********


An email will be sent to to all directors with more details along with the Stage and Pit Measurements

 ***Cook Ele. and Key Middle Schools Added***

Doors are Now Closing! aslo, adding to RidgeGate Elem! They Back!...lol

Adding -  Fannie C. Willaims - Middle School , New Orleans LA.

Now Adding Premier Marching USA and Houston Percussion Center to Sponsor this event!

wheres milby...ha jkjk

and adding Bonham Elem... thats it yall, Doors are now closed for drumlines to compete... if any DrumLine still wants to enter High Noon Show Down... The Entry Fee is Now $100.00

Even after doors closed and Super Late fee was added,

The  Grand Champs of 2011 High Noon Show Down - The Reagan High School " Lock Jaw" DrumLine is Coming Back!!!

man i cnt wait 2 c who comes out on top!!! good luck 2 all the lines!! its goin down!!!!!

Less than 2 weeks away!

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