Give Me Your Opinion Which Bands From the 4 Deserve Their Props!

St. Aug- A Top dog band that has been getting respect in this game for a Half of Century Now even after going threw Katrina still Dominating in National Comps. and State Comps. and for Marching in Some of the Top Events in the Country, and for being know for the College like Sound and Their one of a kind marching!

Walker- This Band has been Dominating Since 2006 Winning State Comps and and receiving awards for their Top Band and for their wins over the St. Augustine Band and traveling across the country defeating bands and for marching in the Atlanta Classics Parade and their for their Musicianship and are Also Known as the top LA Band in the Stands!

St. Martinville- This Band Has started their Dominating As a top Band In LA since 2005 Winning 1st Place at all BOTB's that they attended And Grand Champions at every Battle. They also Won The Southern University's Battle of The Bands as 1st Place and Grand Champions in 2006 and 2010 which where the last 2 Battles SU has hosted and has been noted for their college like drills that no other HS band can master! And for being one of the only bands from the 337 and 225 to Get a victory over the Walker Band in any kind of Marching Event. And have received and Superiors in District Concert Band Festival in 2011 and 2012! 

Baker- This Band has been on the Uprise since around 2007 or 2008 and have came out of their territory in 2011 Where they gained to two 1st Places and Grand Champions over the LA top band St. Martinville High, Which gave them 1 year of all 1st places, They are Noted for their Broad Sound and their Nice Crisp Music! They have also played at 1 of the SU Marching Band football Games. And received and Superior in District Concert Band Festival in 2012.

Which Do you think Deserves it?

If Their is anymore Information about these Band Please feel free to post Extra Info.

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St. Aug ain't 100yrs old Change that to over half a century. It's been over 60 yrs. But anyway, all of these bands deserve props...just for the fact that they've all achieved big dawg status and accomplished great feats. Now if your asking which deserves it more, I don't think that's such a good'll just turn into another long, drawn out argument over who's better....but that's just my 2 cents.


yo JS619.. to make the photos show up. there's the image tag in the white bar next to the word "link"

how come no one ever gives easton credit

Southwest Dekalb High School. 1996 olympics. been to France to perform. Drumline. and a bunch of other shit. 

1950s and early/middle 1960s

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