Honda Battle of the Bands 2018 (Official Dancers Post)

2018 is finally on the door steps and we are less than a month away! 

We have some talented danceline teams coming up for the 2018 Honda BOTB in the new Mercedes-Benz Dome! 

January 27, 2018 3pm

Here are the teams:

AAMU Divas! 

ASU Stingettes

BCU 14 k Dancers

Hampton Dancers

Miles College Dancers

NCAT GD Dancers

PVAMU Foxes 

TSU Dancers

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Golden Delight & 14k will be great as usual. The Divas will be pretty solid & the Stingettes. 

Agreed I'm looking to see the Divas of course and the GDs. 

Don't sleep on Ebony Fire.  Trust me. 

The MEAC squads in general have definitely upped the ante in the hbcu band dance arena.

The key now is strategy.  lol.

And I think long gone are the days when the Dolls and the J-Settes could save the SWAC.  *smile*

14k & golden delight!

lol What yall think about the TSU dancers and Bama State Stingettes? Will they show up?

14K knows who the competition will be. Remember last year Honda's, 14K blew the Alcorn's GG's away with one of the GG's signature songs! :)

The Divas will be the team to watch for. You never know what they will pull out the bag or have up their sleeve.

14k will not play any games. They will set the field on fire and go back in the stands like nothing happened.

GD will out perform all squads due to their over the top themes and versatility.

Stingettes will be a hit or miss, depending on the stunt they pull.

Black Foxes will be very clean as usual

No comment on the rest of the squads.

I so agree! 

I don't see one team on here that's not going to bring it.

I do feel that Miles College Golden Stars will probably be the underdog in the entire match up.

AAMU Dancin Divas - will have a very clean field-show as usual.  I hope it's energy packed like the last ones.  I wonder will the seniors that graduated in December be in attendance?

ASU   Stingettes - Will be a wild card.  Their field show will have more technique than in the past, however I hope that every lady on the squad is able to perform all of the elements. I'm looking forward to seeing them and what they'll bring.  I also wonder if their newly graduated members will be in attendance.

BCU 14K - will have ENERGY. I have my face ready to be pummeled by some severe and hard kat pink thrusting.  I'm here for it.

HU Ebony Fire - will have a energy packed and heavy technique filled routine.  I'm excited to see them on the field, because I haven't seen them in person in ages.

Miles College Golden Stars - I'll have to wait.  I don't have a prediction for them as of yet.

NCAT Golden Delight - will put on a broad way worthy production complete with 586 costume changes and 6.8 hairstyle changes.  I'm prepared to be entertained.  I'm liking the smaller size on them.  They do it all.

PVAMU Black Foxes - They're going to give us a technique heavy extremely clean routine. I'm amazed at how they're so in sync on the field with 6,798 ladies on the squad.

TSU Sophisticated Ladies - I feel a very clean routine coming, but I want a few flavor enhancements to accent the vanilla.

I can' wait to see what the divas, gd and stingettes have in store for the crowd I think these will be your top 3 squads..... 

Here is the official HONDA BOTB LINE UP! 

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