Honda Battle of the Bands 2018 (Official Dancers Post)

2018 is finally on the door steps and we are less than a month away! 

We have some talented danceline teams coming up for the 2018 Honda BOTB in the new Mercedes-Benz Dome! 

January 27, 2018 3pm

Here are the teams:

AAMU Divas! 

ASU Stingettes

BCU 14 k Dancers

Hampton Dancers

Miles College Dancers

NCAT GD Dancers

PVAMU Foxes 

TSU Dancers

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@Fukkyofeelingz There is a way to disagree without being disagreeable. I called out KK RESPECTFULLY because he and I often agree on how teams are looking. I'll see some of his post and say, "Well damn! Ain't no need for me to type shit. He typed everything I was about to type." Notice, when he responded, he responded RESPECTFULLY. Why? Because we don't have to agree. But, if everyone is saying these two teams were the best, and you come in here with, "No... it was that team." I'm going to say, please explain that shit! Maybe you saw something I didn't see. Maybe you saw it at a different angle. Maybe you choreographed the shit and know what it's really supposed be. I'm going do it every time. Especially if it's KK, again, because he and I are often on the same page. Disagreeing without being Disagreeable. It's so easy. 

I really don’t have to explain shyt to u baby girl

I feel like that's a big contributing factor to why I feel as strongly about the Sting show.

It was COMPLETELY different seeing it in person vs. watching the videos. Night and day difference. That show was incredible.

Golden Delight all day!

I wish more hbcu dancelines will incorporate the high kickline with pointed toes!

I've only seen one dance-line in the SWAC, when during a high kick their heel touches their ear/hair.

i guess the black foxes are the only hbcu danceline that emphasis on high kicks. Leave the high kicks to the kilgore rangerettes! llol

I absolutely loved the Stingettes routine. I love a mean jazz walk and can’t nobody do it like the Stingettes! But, I’m going to have to give the overal win to the Divas. I was pleasantly surprised at how original and good their show was.

Let's not forget the Honey Bees!

No matter how much negativity the Honeys Bees receive for being a "gimmick" for ASU to get house, you CANNOT deny the improvements they have made.  They've gone from 30 second snippets to over a minute of choreographed routine. Kudos to them!


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