Let's set the record straight. MLK stood for unity and solidarity and after many years of discussion, the band directors of Houston have decided to act in a unified manner for the MLK festivities. As of now, there are 3 parades and 1 Battle of the Bands scheduled for January 2012. The following bands have decided NOT to participate:


Jones, Worthing, Sterling, Kashmere, Yates, Sam Houston, Washington, Davis, Westbury, Wheatley, Austin, and North Forest



The other bands not mentioned have expressed interest in joining us, but have not confirmed their position as of yet.

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WOW Prof! But....i did see this coming. No need for THREE parades. Just the Grand Parade will do...Also, what about the talk from that 2nd BOTB that occured last year. Will that take the place of the old one(which doesnt make sense anymore) But hell, if these bands wont do the parades, might as well not do the BOTB since it is by the same people. Show a true boycott or just break out in another BOTB that people will go to that actually has TROPHIES(not plaques like last Jan.....) REAL JUDGES, and gives everyone a fair shot and not put the bands on an 8 minute time limit. And gives a chance for "Round Robin"


Hope they realize that these people need to stop using our programs as a way to get more money and actually make it stand for something. Let these kids work for something important. Make this the highlight of EVERYONE's year! like it used to be...

Well I know Jeff Davis is not doing the BOTBS as well. We did not do it last year and will not do it this year..... now we might do that other botbs with the cash prize.... I think it was at  like MC Arthur stadium... but yeah I still thinking.

Man I hope everything is unified we as a people throughout history has division instead of unification. Martin and Malcom X, Web Duboius and Langston Hughes. What if evrybody wuld have united?. I understand people may have indifferences about issues but lets continue to strive for more unity, I would live to see one grand parade, one battle of the bands, one greater houston all-star band. So that we can represent all together on one accord instead of seperatism.

This is beautiful... I've been speaking on this for years. The promoters of the Houston area MLK events are full of crap and must be stopped. They go around bullying local businesses for money and pocketing it. Money that's supposedly going to the participants.

KUDOS!!!! I agree that they need to UNITE

I believe in the youth parade, but the other two make no sense. You know its bad when UofH splits its band in two to do BOTH parades! Also it would be nice to have it downtown...not diggin allen parkway much. too much of a hassle for parking and such...then bands really cant battle...The best battles ive seen oddly enough is at the rodeo parades. I want to see TxSU's Homecomming next year with that stadium open. Txsu should sponsor a BTOB right After the parade.


Its good boycotting this. that one year when they came together was great...

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