Ok im a senior trumpet player at Jonesboro High School over in GA and Southern is my favorite band, but i'm afraid i might not be good enough.....can any SU alumni give me any tips on what i could do?

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Assistant Director of Band, Nathan B. Haymer is a member of this site, type in his name in the member search & shoot him a message of interests. other than that, I believe that Requirements for the band is listed on the Humanjukebox.com website. It's not hard to make any college band. you just have to be determined and know your stuff.

You probably can send a message to Jaren as well..

Today is SU's homecoming, I doubt any Jukebox alum's will be here today to get at you tell

one thing i can tell you is...never over work yourself thinking you have to impress people. you just need the skill to do whats needed. Preparation is the key, nothing more nothing less.

be cool
First thing, DON'T SECOND GUESS YOURSELF. You are losing the battle before it even begins bruh. The best advice I can give you, is if you don't think you are good enough to go to Southern:
1. Practice, or
2. Go to JSU or GSU.
Low blow! but im gonna tell u this youngin.. if u cant make it at su, you cant make it at any college program.. just do u... SU has a good band, but im sure the req isnt as tuff as an JSU (dnt know bout GSU) just practice..
alright thanks for the advice guys, looks like i've got a little bit of practicing to do and ill message Mr. Haymer right away
Young man follow your dreams.Work hard on your fundamentals,and your talent will take care of the rest.
thanks i really appreciate the advice

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