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I see the Settes have altered the "Get Ready" routine just a smidge...I actually like the lil added twirl. It's kind of refreshing.

Very good showing last night by the ladies! Love love love the small change to Get ready. The formations just keep coming, very good job Morgan and Team! *Hands over the wig*

Get it J-settes. I was feeling them in the crankfest clips.

There we go, Settes! Looking good. That small change to Get Ready really put a lot more spunk in it and gave it new life. Pretty blue uni just wish they had something on their arms to make their movements more visible. Also pleassseee lose the Resting B---- face and smile or give facials. They were serving in some of these clips with such a flat affect like they wanted to be somewhere else.

Whatever color blue that was that the Settes wore to Crankfest, they need to commission about two or three more designs in that color. It pops all day long. Yes, indeed.

I like rhat change, too. Just wish the drummajors would change theirs a tad bit.

Yes and it gives them like this vibrant glow, it compliments their skin tone.


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