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1979 Prancing J-Settes. Mrs. Worthy was the only one wearing the wrist white gloves.

Image result for 1979 prancing J-Settes

She's wearing the white gloves because of the uniform she has on. The others are wearing the arm gauntlets that goes with the uniform they are wearing. They had certain uniforms that they wore the white gloves.

Stuntboi06, the J-Settes didn't wear white wrist gloves every games. They wear them only whey they were appropriate with the color of the uniform.

Correct, as I stated above it was dependent upon which uniform they wore, because some of their uniforms came with wrist/arm gauntlets that they wore.

The point is they use to wear them and wasn't copying off the dolls and they wasn't settes always did what ever they wanted and never look to any other team for anything
Yawl even copied THE DOLLS dance shoes #that were first worn IN the 70s YOU copy CATS !!!!

Honrae chile be gone!! What dance shoes? lol Let's not get back on the subject of copy hunni lol Now move on back along and play nicely.

THE DOLLS are the originators of nothing. The End

OMG when will the "who copied who" debates ever end???  Year in and year out, there are debates back and forth about who did what first.  The only originators are the creators of the fabric and catalog designs and Jesus.  There isn't  a squad in existence that hasn't taken concepts from another squad, whether it be in a joking fashion or not.  By the way, the squads are looking good this year.

Well, my goodness, all HBCU dance auxiliaries, from those that "put down their batons" to those of more recent years, can thank the Alcorn Golden Girls auxiliary which is the oldest HBCU dance troupe. Now, hushpuppies and good night.

Oh, by the way, here is a photo of LSU's dance auxiliary "Ballet Corps" in 1961- they made their debut in 1959.  It was the mother troupe of the present LSU "Golden Girls."  Note the short white gloves.

1961 LSU Ballet Corps photo A52-Ballet-Corps-1032x803_zpsehrmvxq4.jpg

LSU Golden Girls

LSU Golden Girls photo B102-Golden-Girls-1032x672_zpsm53kzolc.jpg

Source of photos (photo captions included)

Yep going to go ahead and shut this one on down. Go Dolls Go Settes!!


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