What is Jackson promoting. My older brother always called JSU Leaders of the Rainbow Coalition and now i see why!!!!!!!!!



I guess it is something in the water in Jackson.

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I remember when they played that and also remember their many flaming twirlers. They have always had a reputation. My father always said there was something in the water in Jackson, Miss. smh



now that was funny, slightly creepy, but family guy material non the less lol

if thats makes jsu gay....

aw damn y'all bringin that shat over here now huh
Jus to b real n clear da air...wat was da whole deal behind "It's Raining Men"...i jus dont getit???
The dude that started this topic got a lil bitch ass dog in his profile pic. Nuff said......
Why be mad over the truth? It's Jackson State's history.

And we see the proof in yo profile pic. Don't see too mean str8 guys takin pictures in they mirror with lil dogs like that. More of a female thing. Im just sayin.......

And who do/did u march for?
I really don't know what was up with it.. I didn't crab til 05.. I know that type of music would get no play now though..
yea that is a good question.. why would a grown man have one of those lil dogs anyway?
It's my daughters puppy that i had just got for her, any more questions? Nothing wrong with JSU embracing their fem side since they are into that type of thing, from what i'm hear, they have always been like that accept it. Do you. Why get upset over real actual footage? It happened can't whipe out of your history. So i have to march in college to post actual clips. Stop crying. It's hitting 3 JSU people real hard is it a reason why? Sorry it offends you but that's not my problem people can't handle the truth.


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