What is Jackson promoting. My older brother always called JSU Leaders of the Rainbow Coalition and now i see why!!!!!!!!!



I guess it is something in the water in Jackson.

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See, that's where u mess up. Listening to what u hear. Just stick to what u know dude cuz u don't know nothing bout JSU. From what I've seen in life and from my experiences, going off of what u "hear" can get u in trouble or killed...... #realstuff

LMFAO! I'm sorry but this is just hilarious!

Pretty much. A twirler clip from '91 won't get you out of an a$s whooping in 2011 lmao. Then dude said "explain this." Man it's 2011 and you dealing with the Internet generation...majority of us on this site were watching TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!! lmao. Now if he wants us (JSU) to explain anything...I have HOURS of stories of CRUCIFICATIONS we dealt out in my era. *shrugs*
thats was so gay  dog
Plus, er'body don't have the DM's stripping down to shirtless to "It's raining men"

What are you talking about? I am not talking about them playing It's Raining Men, I am talking about why did they have male strippers on the field at a family event. And that isn't the only time that JSU did that. Thus my statement about there being a difference between playing a certain song, and doing things featured in the clip.

I know, they were going at it. It was nothing but SU vs. JSU vs. FAMU.


Not me, I was watching Power Rangers.

i dont know whats gayer... our twirler... OR THE FACT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR HIM!!!!

Didn't have to search. Just visited another site to see whats going on over there and they are talking about the same thing over there and the clips were on that thread and site.





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