What is Jackson promoting. My older brother always called JSU Leaders of the Rainbow Coalition and now i see why!!!!!!!!!



I guess it is something in the water in Jackson.

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Thank you!

Sorry you're mad, keep the girl inside. Seems like the thread is getting you and the Jstate people. You can speculate all you want to about me, my ho-s know otherwise. I see i have hit close to home and you n--gas are catching feelings. Not my fault. Internal? You're the one breaking a nail over the thread not me. I'm laughing at you and people who are offended. I guess the truth hurts and inner demons are eating you people alive.

"You can speculate all you want to about me, my ho-s know otherwise."


......Sooo you pimp?...On bandhead? *snickers*

Aww man this stuff is too funny
Bruh, I promise you...he's NOT fooling ANYBODY. I guess that's why we're all saying the same shit about him. I mean come on...just look at his picture... better yet, read some of his post... get the fuck outta' here! Come on Dre. Dude, you get the fuckin' award for doing wayy too much on a band site. SMH!
I mean, dude is finding clips of JSU that I didn't even know existed and I have seen just about every clip of The Boom on youtube! lol
I was in the Boom when this song was originally played. We played it for the JSettes on the field. It was never played in the stands, it was meant to entertain the ladies in the audience. And it did.  I'll tell you now, we band members hated the song, but it was meant to entertain.  Now, this queer who posted this looks to be a very grown man speaking of having a daughter, and he's getting his jollies posting stuff like this.  I agree with earlier posts, he's the one in question even entertaining such a sick idea.  I expect youngsters to say dumb stuff, but a grown man with a child of his own??? Man to man (if you are such), at this point in your life, grow up!
Never said on bandhead, obviously you can't read and comprehend. Lame.


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