Jackson State Unveils New Domed The "Game Changer" 200 million/ 50,000 seats

“No other university in the South will have this.”

David Hoard, Jackson State’s vice president for institutional advancement, unveiled the school’s plans for its much-discussed 50,000-seat domed football stadium.

Speaking during Tuesday’s Spring Update on the JSU campus, Hoard showed renderings of the proposed on-campus stadium that would not only serve as the new home for the Tigers’ football and basketball teams but could potentially bring much more to Jackson.

Hoard announced that the university had hired SMG, a venue marketing, management and development company that counts the Superdome in New Orleans and Solider Field in Chicago among its clientele, to manage the stadium. That partnership, Hoard trumpeted, would bring major national musical acts to Jackson. Mention Beyonce name. 

“(JSU president Carolyn Meyers) said to think big, and we have thought big,” Hoard said.

But it all comes at a price, $200 million, according to Hoard.

He reported a bill had already passed through the House that would allocate $75 million in funding toward the project.

He also said the school would call on “13 or 14 various streams” for funding, such as personal seat licenses, stadium naming rights and possible student fees, that could add up to $320 million.

“So, we have options,” Hoard said. “If something doesn’t work out, we can go another direction.”

Hoard said the future of Memorial Stadium would be left up to the state, and pointed to the new stadium’s versatility as its biggest selling point.

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It’s not clear when a specific proposal for the city’s $10 million contribution will be presented. Johnson laughed and said it would happen “as soon as Jackson State University gets the remaining $190 million.”


Come on JSU, your own local politicians are laughing at you. I know the locals thought the kneegro was on their side.


you want to build a 200 million dollar 50k seat dome stadium and you already OWN a 60k seat stadium? couldn't a percentage of that money go to just updating the vet stadium....geez! UH's BRAND NEW stadium is only going to hold 50k...and possibly cost less than JSU's

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, why so much hate??? Lol! #TheeiLove


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