Has anybody ever thought of playing an uptempo jazz song in a field show.??

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SU & LLI had drilled to "Bourbon Street Parade" before.

but generally, it depends on the form of jazz. lol  GSU's drilled to Tiger Rag.

Black & Blues is a Jazz tune .


in the begining aside from drlling.to Marches, Screamers and Multiple forms of Jazz

were played by HBCU's in the stands and on the field 



A few bands have played "April in Paris".

We've drilled to Birdland this year ( yes we are a traditional band ) 


...Cantaloupe Island...


I like Birdland

we did Birdland for our UIL show. Excellent piece! i'd say its for any style as long as you hear all parts but it favors the bands have have a GSU or FAMU touch to the style.

Malaguena we did this year too. wouldnt say it could be a drill tune for show bands but popular among corps.

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