Looks like a certain sumbody is bouta catch a mean L n da boot dis weekend. Smh

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I agree..

who are you refering to ?


Guess we shall c. But i can say dis....arrangements will b a BIG factor
well. if you referring to ARRANGEMENTS, we already know who gonna take the L. lol....good luck!
I believe the execution of the arrangement will be more important

I just wish JSU could sit dead center man.. SU fans would really get the direct feeling... but we all know that wont happen! SUckas!


I HATE that damn corner

You Wish!!!LOL

Jstate can move in the middle before the fifth cranks up....i dont see why not, nuin but space and opportunity bro.....try us lol!

I wana c that on paper!


Wud b EPIC for Mumford n it's inhabitants! lol

Better be lucky Im not the BD, I would take u up on that offer! lol It would be EPIC 4real, cause that corner does nothing for a band turned to the side an ish


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