Looks like a certain sumbody is bouta catch a mean L n da boot dis weekend. Smh

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ha but that crumbling to pieces stadium is still holding thats all what matters bruh....still bigger than that shoe box yall call a stadium...

That stadium is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Putting the opposing band in the corner JGrows is doing yall a favor. We don't wanna be liable for yall if we put yall directly in front of us.....too much Heat! lol

how bout SU move in the corner for this game
Lmao.. You dont even believe that... I say yall move to the corner... an stop turning toward us when the loud part come in a song..lol see ya sat!
as stated before, if yall are pushing out some heat, it will get heard...but since yall not, i can understand why yall so upset and making a big fuss about being in the famous "corner" lol...we're the home team, which means yall need to follow by our rules....we been in jackson long enuff....now shut up and get in that corner lol!
Ive never seen a group so eager to give up the big advantage that they have in that corner.
lmao yall PUnk azz Niggs put bands in timeout an ish! what part of the game is that??
J-State only fills up that old a$$ stadium until they play SU or CCC.
dumb ninjas have no idea lol
Sure did. Will the Boom have the nutts? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
For a band that got that ass waxed last yr its alot of talk about heat coming from yall....smh dont matter where the Boom sits....


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