Looks like a certain sumbody is bouta catch a mean L n da boot dis weekend. Smh

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tell ya boys that, not us.....they the ones complaining about the "corner" man up! Waxed last year, haven't heard that one..??
yall negros sleepin on su........smdh
No band wants to be in that damn corner loud or not, it feel like you barely at the damn game lol and from a battle standpoint it at as fun when the band aint right in yo face. Same goes for gramblings stadium. The best battle stadiums are ours and bama states. I would say AAMU but the bands be like 100 yards apart

Could be worse.  SU could sit'cha arses outside where most of BR wants you, anyway.


Count ya blessings, boom



That's only cause most of BR outside cause they can't fit in that baby stadium lol
man I just looked at that lil mf on ticketmaster... mini azz stadium..lol got the nerves to be high..lol see ya soon!!
You are a silly dude, DT.   I agree
So was my prediction rite? Speak on this game!

I'm reading texts and tweets that say


SU got gold tubas...Halftime was straight poo for both bands...and the fifth was a tie :/


not that surprised to hear that since its only week 3...but uh...the clips will tell...

Gold tubas?!?!?!? Wha?
I saw gold tops on the tubas on swac.org .......


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