Looks like a certain sumbody is bouta catch a mean L n da boot dis weekend. Smh

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mAN WERE da clips at


Nope far from it both bands was good but im shock Su halftime show? My first ever seen them not drill at all just the fast break coke and jags then formation....... mmmm
Pre game..... Smh lol
pre-game was horrible because J-skate was stalling. Shouldn't take you 25 minutes to get in the stands, then proceed to play 50 marches. I want to say only 2 or 3 songs were actually traded during the pre-game battle.

yeah this boombox classic was boring forreal but both bands was on point tho... but was upset for the fieldshows tho for both bands


yikes...the clips will tell
Closed .. check the new thread


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