dont worry daddy "S" got it

jus a prime of example of da "S" have SUperior arrangemets......



wtf is this??

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Of course SU got better arrangements they got seasoned vets gettin paid to do it. Wanna cookie? My thing is why brag about something you have nothing to do wit. We are/were students if anything we should talkin bout execution #kanyeshrug
"Of course SU got better arrangements"....................say it again for me lol
bringin animosity back to this too friendly in here
My question is, what are the staff members of JSU's band getting paid to do? Nothing against student arrangements,but would it hurt for the directors to chip in a few arrangements here and there?
lol aint our fault

Honestly...when folks say they like Jax35's "Love the Way you Lie"...I be wondering wtf yall are listening to?...LOL.  That isht sounds so HSish.  Arrangment and execution

Tell that sad arranger that that fhorn part should've been caught ablaze as soon as it was passed

That's that kuntry smalltime thinking, right
Shit it ain't our fault either, all Im sayin is that if we gon have a pointless debate let's at least debate something that we(students) are in control of
Not as country as shorts, t-shirts, band hats, and gloves
COSIGN. Let me be the first to say I HATE country, nut riding/wanna be New Orleans, short-shorts wearing, Michael Jackson impersonating BD's having, every game our trumpets and tubas be on our bus during game time sippin Gin and juice bunch of, jaguar cage be empty cuz somebody fed Lacumba some molded scotlandville gumbo having, hired president Mason to bring our outdated a$s school into the 1970's at the LEAST operating, open-face gold tooth at the top and overalls rocking, still sour cuz the Boom DEMORALIZED us the entire Fall 2010 season, bunch of FAGUARS!! lol

Interesting coming from someone that attended our high school band camp and is now a part of the SU system. Just admit that you always wanted to be a Jaguar.

dt that clearly let me know it doesnt matter what the boom does good u will everybody in that stadium knew jsu had the better arangement , even the he clapped and came back with the worse "down bottom" i ever heard su play...dude know when you have been defeated please!

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