For college students: Besides band, what programs are strong at your university? Did this matter to you?


For high school students: Do you care about the academics of your future university or you only care about the band?


i'm just trying to get the perspective of current high school students and their priorities.  

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I definitely care about the academics more than the band. And I love the band.
NSU Strongest Subjects

Mus. Ed
Early Childhood Ed
Sociology n Psychology
Optical Engineering
Masters Music Performance

Honorable Mention

Computer Science
Music Media
Computer Programing

Just keepn it 100...
We have one of the best Engineering schools in the Nation...
Our school is KNOWN for their Agricultural department. The Education department just got heir national accreditation. Our Bio dept is a BEAST too.
A lot of hbcus are good in academics but for whatever reason choose to place band and football at the forefront so we often fall under the radar to those exceptional students who opt for white colleges. Not being rude but I only know of above average academic programs from about 5 or 6 black colleges.
That's not being rude. So what 5 to 6 black colleges YOU feel have above average academic programs?

ASU's best programs.

Undergrad. Music Ed

                 Music Industry

                 Secondary Education

                 Elementary Education


                 Physical Therapy.




                Forensic Science

                Occupational Therapy


Doctorate: Education Leadership policy and law


I'm going to be honest...I didn't care about the academics...I just wanted to be in the band...I even changed what I was going to major in because Bama State didn't have it...However, everything worked out for the best because I am a Music Ed major and I can't say that I would have it any other way.  Our institution's academic strengths are edcuation (being that Bama State was once considered a "Teacher's College"), theatre (having such a notable Dean and contributor as Dr. Tonea Stewart who has starred in numerous shows and films including In the Heat of the Night, A Time to Kill, and Mississippi Burning), and business.

Lydia i remember you from before i quit the band lol.


I'm from mississippi i road on a plane and my favorite song is Bama State Spirtit. best skit of 08.


but on a serious note i aggree with Education and Business. Hell Bama State is Education in the state of Alabama.



Bachelor's in Teacher Education

Computer Science-Grambling graduates the most Computer Science Majors In The State of Louisiana. Bachelors and Masters Programs.

Nursing-Bachelor's & Masters

Bachelor's in Mass Comm

Bachelor's in Business Management

Masters in Sports Information

Doctoral Education Programs

Bachelor's in Accounting

Bachelor's in Music Ed

Bachelor's & Masters of Criminal Justice

Masters in Public Administration

Bachelor's in Theatre




Science(Physics, Biology, Chemistry)


Political Science


Those are the bread and butter programs for undergrads.

we have a strong nursing program...


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