For college students: Besides band, what programs are strong at your university? Did this matter to you?


For high school students: Do you care about the academics of your future university or you only care about the band?


i'm just trying to get the perspective of current high school students and their priorities.  

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you mean between HBCU's right?

Don't forget Business


Criminal Justice


and Law (Rated Best Law school in Louisiana, Highly ranked in the U.S.)

Academics used to be my top priority in choosing a college, but when I decided I wanted to major in music education that changed.  Whatever school I end up choosing in the spring will need to be academically stable, but outside of really good schools and really bad schools, they're going to be pretty similar.  I expect my first few weeks to be pretty miserable at an HBCU with band camp and all (for anybody, but especially as a white student).  So if I'm going to go through all that, I need to love the band I'm in so it'll be worth it.  For example, Howard is very strong academically, and I like their band.  But the school isn't really known for the band.  It would be a good compromise if I wanted to march and then go into law, but for a music ed major, I want more out of my band experience.

University of Central Arkansas

  • Liberal Arts
  • Business/Marketing
  • Health Professions
  • Business/Marketing
  • Education
  • Biology
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Visual and Performing Arts


We offer over 90 different majors! We have the best nursing, education, business, liberal arts program in the state of Arkansas! We are ranked by Princeton University everywhere! 


You can go to to find out more information



I think every High Schooler cares about academics I just think that it kind of takes a back seat sometimes on bandhead I mean the main reason why I'm going to Alcorn after I graduate is because it's the only Agriculture school in Mississippi.

Apart from the music department

UAPB has a successful computer science department that sent 3 people to china and many more to do internships at U of A Fayateville

the agricultural program is also one of the top programs in the state of arkansas

criminal justice does well

industrial tech is also produces good students

its many more but i just kno mainly about these lol..

but education is more important that band honestly in a bandhead till i die but band is not going to pay my bills once i finish....

I can elaborate more on Howard if you haven't already decided on a school. What type of band experience are you looking for?
Tennessee State has a GREAT music education program. We also have the top of the line Business and Engineering program as well. Over half the band recieves the deans list each semester. We have no choice because ourfootball schedules be horrible!

Sure!  Anything you can tell me about it would be helpful.  I want to of course get a bachelor's in music ed., but also a 2 year nursing degree if possible.  I want to go on for a masters in music or music ed., so I'd need a school with at least a decent reputation for scholarships to grad school.  Basically, I love to learn.  So I want a program with a lot of oppertunities in terms of course options related to being a band director.  My principle instrument is clarinet, but I march with a B flat horn, and I'd like to do that in college.  I want to have fun marching with the band, be in a band I'm proud of, and most of all learn both on and off the field. 

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