LOL!!!! So Do I Laugh At This Or Is This How Drum Majors Do In Tx?

Skip to 7:07 or 7:10 check out the drum major...LOL!!!!

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Lmfaoooooooo I'm weak!

o wow..they do make us good TX drum majors look bad...

wtf lol that boy had me rollin wit that dang face tho lookin like david ruffin long lost ethiopian bastard child lol dude had temptation moves n all then ol boy looked like he was gone fall out .....they need more pt 

Naw bruh u can definitely LAUGH.. smh i was watching this in person like wtf... I need to go on nd do a workshop.. 10bucks a dm lol

and NO they DONT make Tx dms look bad they just make them selfs look WEAK. If your good you will stand out on your own and it shows. Collectively or Individually


Centtral got routines for everything.. that dude kinda  looked too serious with it tho LOL...  LOL at Kevin covering his face

Yo, 8:00 had me going for a min. LOL and he could have REALLY done without 8:20-26 (especially all in another dudes face like that 0_o... Yikes) SMH. Outside of that, the young brother did alright in my book. I mean the routine was in context. OH! and the headband snap at the end was just icing to the comical cake. This was a great way to start my morning.

Now my Latin American friend needs to hit that PT a LOT harder. That cat was loosing so BAD  lol. Part of that is a lack of true exposure to the HBCU culture though (how he was marching - his style, not his lack of 90s -, the sad JSU shimmy attempt, etc.) as opposed to second hand exposure through high schools IMHO. 

Real talk: Even though they both have a LONG way to go, I've seen a LOT worse than BOTH of them. I hope these young brothers keep striving for greatness. Thanks for the laugh and for posting. Peace.

Jtfo! Wait, what dude sleeping on is the band/drum major @ like 6:44! Idk if he going against the dance team or what!!! Lmao

That DM throughout the entire 7 minute mark....

He had his whole routine laid out for that song.  When he bust out the Temptations and Jackson 5 dance moves...i couldn't help but laugh.  Then he started that PV ish right in front of him and I died a little bit on the inside. 

Props to the other DM for not laughing throughout the entire routine.  I wouldn't have made it *lol*

LMFAOOOOOOO who decided to teach that boy from central that?



the dude from Austin.......... NO words lol


It's alright though. they just need a little more exposure to HBCU drum majors A for Effort though

Lmao I'm dying @ Central drum major!

dude was serious. it was funny cause he NEVER broke eye contact. i thought he was a dancer at the beginning. lol im rollin.


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