Band Scholarships Available - Lindenwood-Bellevue University


I am looking for seniors or transfers who would be interested in participating in our PEP BAND! We are a NAIA D1 University in Belleville IL. We are looking to give away AT LEAST 50% scholarship to students who want to join and looking to have 75-100 band members. Please email me if you are interested!!!

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Thanks for posting Allen, what all does the scholarship cover?  Also tell us more about Lindenwood-Bellevue University.

Thanks for posting.

Gerard Howard, Creator

Also, what term is the scholarship for (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)?  Thanks Again.

As long as students make our requirements of getting accepted, they will receive at least 50% scholarship. It cost $22,230 for tuition and room and board. Without looking at grades or talent, any student who is interested will received 50% scholarship.



18- 20 ACT

2.5 High School GPA



2.0 GPA

Thanks Allen is this for the Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 Session?


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