Looking Like JSU/Southern rematch WILL happen in Houston... Is it to early.....

To Discuss?

I just peeped the standings and Southern has the west on lock. They own the Tie Breaker against PV and already have a 1 game lead. In the East, Jackson State in the drivers seat especially since the beat Alabama State. However, Alcorn might have something to say about who wins the east. But it looks like JSU right now. 

So.... I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to this rematch. Not to mention the SWAC BOTB that Friday night. 

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Yes it is too soon. Our team hasn't exactly been setting the town on fire with their play and coaching. We could win every game on our schedule and could just as easily lose the rest of the games on the schedule.

We (JSU) only needs two more games and it's a wrap.. Alcorn lost to Alabama State and we beat them.. So we would hold tie breaker if we lost one game..
Its after the game! not Friday.

SU needs to win atleast 3 more SWAC games...and no matter what, they go to the championship game.

3 is the magic word for SU

The way we(JSU) are playing, there's no reason we shouldn't be in Houston. We've beaten all the heavy hitters in the SWAC already, ending the season undefeated in the SWAC is not far fetched for us!

Southern already beat PV.... Gram, TXso, UAPB is trash. I just don't see Southern losing 2 more games.... but anything is possible. 

We are definately looking at JSU vs SU again. 


Still too early to count SU in already.. They are playing really bad on offense,and the coaching is not at all what the Jaguar Nation expected from "Big Worm"(Coach Odums) and the staff.. In order for the Jags to make it to the SWAC Championship,they have to stop turning the ball over and committing stupid penalties..

&&When SU does make it... Slapp your self.. Its Something Called Pride... You Graduated from Southern, and always the first to Down Talk sum about it.. People like you really Urk Me.
I think it's a wrap. Nice crowded stadium.

Upon Further review, far from settled....... Key Games Left for teams in the running


JacksonSU 5-0: PV, Alcorn, 

BamaState 5-1: AAMU, Southern

AlcornSate 3-1: @Southern, PV, @JSU


Southern 3-1: Alcorn, @BamaState, Grambling(rivalry game anything can happen) 

PrVAMU 3-2: JSU, @Alcorn

With that said, it's wide open for the aforementioned teams. Both JSU/Southern have inside track. Southern can afford to drop one more conference game and still get in due to tie breaker over PV. But that schedule is tough!  I can see them losing to Alcorn and Bama State hence opening the door for PV.

Meanwhile, JSU can lose one more conference game and still NOT get in assuming Bama State and Alcorn wins out creating a three way tie. 

Southern is in.....PVAMU got to play JSU and go to Alcorn they will drop one of the games (to JSU)...JSU just got to make sure they don't lose 2 games and they are in........Alcorn got PVAMU and Southern to play before JSU they could lose both of them..Bama State just sitting waiting on JSU to lose twice..I think Southern gone beat them.....SO JSU vs Southern Part 2 (Good Ole Days Again)

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