So i'm trying to figure out why Marvin disabled the comments for the doll videos. Like nobody said anything negative so why??That's like censorship and i'm sure the fans not going to like that.. IMO if you don't want people saying anything about what you post, what's the point of posting it?? We watch the video and have no way to express how we feel about it other than going on another social media site which is very dumb to me... Marvin acting like he on the team or something wtf

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Messy boots

Y'all are doing the absolute most this season.

That and people were doing a lot about gabby and going back and forth how this didn’t prove that the girls liked her, etc. lol. Between that and the DD4L Stan’s, I can see why he turned them off.

I wonder if Akai asked him to do it. She seems like a no nonsense kind of lady. Maybe she threatened to stand in front of the camera so he can't get any footage lol. 

So true. A messy season brings messy fans I guess. I hope Taylor is taking notes. 

K.K. said:

Y'all are doing the absolute most this season.



Girl some of y’all are really weird! At the end of the day Marvin has to respect HIS university! The Administration! As well as the Dolls! Some of y’all are thinking to much into things and making speculations that aren’t true! It’s ok to be a fan but some of y’all are downright crazy this new person whomever you are.. You are doing the absolute most!!!! It’s honesgly not that serious! These girls are having fun! Let them do them! Again if you don’t like how Marvin is doing his videos and disabling the comments then watch another video! People go crazy in the comments and some of the things some of these fans specualate could cause trouble! Smh if I was him I would continue disabling the comments! I think people are purposely making up stuff acting like they are fans when in reality they are lowkey jealous of some of the girls who made this squad.. But act like fans! I’ve caught on to that and so have other people. 

Boom! @louisianaboi hit the nail on the head!

LMFAOOOO I'm holleringg

Let me just say i noticed it last night, i had a fit of laughter over it!!

i was laughing because i was imagining the usual -almost like it's a part time job commenters on doll videos- would probably be itchinggggg to comment!!!
*cues crackhead meme* lmfaooo

but honestly, i thought it was actually refreshing to not have any comments under them.

like, people can actually watch the video and appreciate it for what it is. it's humbling. coz i feel like the commenters have been feeling too relevant about themselves lately.

he should do it more often, but not too much.

every now and then the dolls deserve a break, but feedback is good too.

i think he left one video open for commenting though. so that's good enough.

Yall dance fans be like

most people don't really take the time to actually watch the video.

they go straight to the comments or watch here and there while reading said comments.

so it becomes more about what the people are saying rather than what the dolls practiced so much to bring to the table.

so now we are forced to watch the video, but keep the comments to ourselves; good or bad. I think this is actually bringing some mystique back to the dolls. hmnnnnn interesting.

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