What to expect from MVSU ? Which side are you going for?

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Peas and Carrots vs The Christmas Tree!

Valley is unpredictable at the moment...and with famu being back they are as well. However with Valley being the underdog (band wise) they might try to come wit a lil extra.


I have to agree that AAMU vs. SCSU will be a much better meac/swac match up.


Saddam Who Sang said:

Peas and Carrots vs The Christmas Tree!

Valley will be the top dog on this day.....Their numbers and sound are good with the new director...

No dought

I agree. AAMU vs SCSU sounds a lot more interesting.

J_AAMU said:

I swear I hope I don't sound like a hater. I have respect for both MVSU and FAMU, however...I feel like the real SWAC vs. MEAC will be

AAMU VS. SCSU ON Sept. 14th

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