MLK Battle of the Bands - What's Your Thoughts? * No Smack Needed *

What's good everyone? I just got in from the MLK BOTB and here are my thoughts on the band.

Oh and if any college musician is going to critique the BOTB please use positive criticism and dont put none of the schools down. Remember these young musicians might be in your place in a university band 3 - 4 years from now.

Small Band

Worthing Marching 100
Oh my freaking goodness. The only females that was in that band are the auxiliary.
There was nothing but grown men in that band tonight. They deserved 1st place.

Another band thats progress in works. I can see yall making noise next year

I thought there was only one band from Monroe and that was Carroll, but I was wrong. Good job to that program.

Jones Falcon Marching Band
I don't want to say nothing negative but I should say yall are a program on the rebuilding stage.

Wheatley Purple Explosion
Keep up the good work and yall will be a force to be reckoned with. Get the marching style down and learn to play while doing it. Good job Mr. Basha.

Madison Ocean of Thunder
Yall twirlers were yall highlight. Same as Wheatley. I would love to see Madison on smash mode. Mr. Thorton is a good teacher. He is the reason why Im a beast on bone. So follow his lead and yall can make yall own legacy.

To tell the truth I thought yall was Austin or a school from Austin. My bad. But yall was entertaining. just need to iron out the wrinkles in certain areas/

Austin (From Houston)
Sorry didnt get a chance to see yall. Was in that long as concession stand line. But I was told yall was entertaining.

Medium Band

OMG I never seen the Buff Marching Band that big. Yall are promising and yall represented HISD very good. In my opinion I feel yall should have won 1st place/

Royal Marching Band
I feel that last year performance yall was better. But hopefully this can be a motivation for yall to be even better than last year. Good job and keep producing.

Big Band

North Forest High School
A work in progress. Heavy on the low brass. Trombone and Baritone Need to listen to each other and and play in tune and yall can take out whoever whenever and whereever. Get some more upper brass and it will be on from there.

Townview Big D Band
Legacy in process of being built with this band. out of a score of 10 i would give yall a 8 1/2. But everyone that didnt know about the Big D band knows about yall now. Like my band director told the Ocean, If yall can come back the next day and better than the day before. Yall can not be touched. (not in them words but in the format)

Willowridge Mighty Eagle Marching Band
Winners of the Big Division. Will forever be a force to be reckoned with. Despite a few errors, everything was str8. from the Mrach on to the Corp Style exit. And yeah giving a shout out to Shun and Isha (hope I spelled it right), the Female drum majors. They shocked everyone with Trae in their halftime show.

The highlight of the night when Worthing and Milby combined and played I was like WoW. They did the damn thing.

But congrats to all the band that attended and performed.

I just wished McDonough 35 and Beaumont Central could of came. Also Samuel High School.


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yeah bro central has fell off alot i just dont understand why they used to be like150 now they like 70 that is saying that the 06 07 grauating class was there band or the strongest players

SG luvs Adrii<3 said:
Central..USED to be a beast, after 06-07 season they fell off, no offence to them, stop trying to be like SU b/c there is many other schools who immitate SU and do something different!!!!!!! SU style does not win everything on the hgih school level!!!!!

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