Motion of the Ocean 2018-2019(Who’s WHO!) ????? Lol

Who ARE the MOTION of the OCEAN 2018-2019? Auditions were weeks ago and, NO WORD? Hmmmmm......................................................................



What will be? 





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My motion senses are telling me that it's a huge possibility that it's Kera "crosses fingers" but Juz Idk....  I guess we'll have to wait until June... 

I’m leaning towards Kera for captain because it honestly just makes more sense and she lead at the Maroon and Gray Gala. The only other possible person I could see other than her was Toni if Jermani wanted to go the two year route like they did with MK.

But the final auditions are June 10th so we shall see.

sidenote: I hear a few of the rookies from this season weren’t selected in this first round of auditions. I hope they can tryout again because two of them really grew on me as the season went on 

I like Kera a lot but I'm waiting on that next firecracker to come in and take Motion to the next level.

Hopefully Semaya will be that one.

Semya hmmmm you don't say.... Rumor also is that Forever Doll Dawnielle Broussards neice Kierra also auditioned for Motion... It's all speculation though as Jermani hasn';t relased anything... I didn't know Semaya was interested in the Motion I though she was Bama State Bound 

She didn't get accepted to Bama State, so she decided to hit up TxSU.

And welcome back love.

Hey Christopher Deshawn... I missed you lol 

I believe her mother went to TxSU and I know she has family in Houston, which I'm sure both played a big part in her decision.

Yes her mother was a former cheerleader at Texas Southern 

Wondering if Mikaela will be back???

When Jermani took over I believe she had a vision and this is the year for that vision to come full forceso that’s why I think it’s so hush about this years squad line. I believe Kera could be captain as well. I see smaller numbers but packed with talent this year. Semeya is a good look! I would love to see more Louisiana & Mississippi dancers come to Motion. A lot of band is so might as well bring the dancers as well. This year is gonna be like 2008 

motions slayed last season, and everybody slept on them. no shade to the dolls, but motion really have improved over these last two years. the homecoming routine remains my favorite motion field show since 11! I was just starting to fall in love with the smaller numbers. keep at 10-12!

Yes nobody touched Motion fieldshows! Homecoming and they repeated it for Grambling as well except without the Alumni. I like 12. I see some of the vets trying out again in June hopefully they make it. I can take Kera as captain Toni as a co captain. I say give me 4 strong crabs and the rest vets 

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