Okay Motion stans the first game of the season will be this weekend 8/26.... I'm personally extremely excited and really don't know what to expect... They've been under the radar this off season with few to no clips, but with that being said they did end last season on a good note... I just pray for consistency uniformity energy and that killer confident attitude... So let's throw up the M's M O Tiiiiooon

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Still enjoyed the performance very much. Nice work! I liked the first performance of the routine with fewer dancers though. Figuratively speaking, it's like the routine had to go from a sports car to a minivan to accomodate everybody. That's understandable, though. Good job!

PS. I like the burgundy/maroon and gray uniform also. Good selection ;-)

They look great. My only critic is the girl on the back row far left. She needs to dance with more vigor. All the other girls are bucking for the Gods and she seems kinda going through the motions. No pun intended. 


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