I was wondering why do some college band directors still allow their members to use music lyre? I notice alot of PWC bands still use them. I know using music lyre's in junior and high school bands has its purposes but on a collegiate level seeing band members on the field with music lyre makes me wonder why they can't memorize their music.

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*Goes to google to see what music lyre is.......*

*After seeing what it is*


It might just be tradition. Most other college marching bands don't practice memorization of 40-50 songs a game and just run through a song once to see if they can read it. Honestly i am no fan of it by any stretch of the imagination. It looks like training wheels to me....


To his is his own though so hey....

with all the swaying, rocking, swinging and jerking of horns, there's no need for it... 


Some people really dont care for memorization of music... If you can have it there then why not???
Typically this is what marching bands have used since their creation.  Only Showstyle bands are the ones that don't use them anymore for the most part, and even other bands that don't used them don't have to memorize such extensive repotoire's as most showstyle bands of today.
They use them because their band directors allow them too.....never met a musician with an inability to memorize music, but I have met plenty whose directors allowed them to be lazy, in my opinion it looks tacky, and it's no way you can read music and march at the best of your ability simultaneously, but in the end I guess for me it's more of a pet peeve.......a big one.

I've marched for corp style bands through out my high school career and we've used lyres.


It's not only tacky, but they are very hard to use on the field.... I prefer memorization.

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