I've been thinking. With all of these heavy rivalry games that gain Classic potential, which cities could be possible locations for such Classic games to begin? For instance, a BoomBox Classic could occur if  the neutral site were to be Shreveport, LA, or Biloxi,MS, if the city has a large stadium.

- Tenn State vs UAPB would fit well in Memphis, creating a border war-like aura for both institutions

- Norfolk State vs NCAT in Raleigh or inside of Richmond's indoor field

Also, Classic like games that were previously played in major cities could return

- Southern vs Alabama State in Mobile

- SCSU vs NCAT in Charlotte

There could also be toured cities that draws enough fans and alumni to host Classics as well. Imagine a SwAC game played in Seattle or a MEAC game in Boston.

Knowing money could, or is usually and issue, this is only thoughts. General feedback is welcome.

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SU vs. FAMU in Mobile

As far as neutral sights and ATL goes, keep FAMU and SCSU outta the convo.... ATL is very pro-FAMU and pro-SCSU over the other HBCUs... some would think over MoB/Morehouse/Clark 

I would like to see the BoomBox Classic in Shreveport or probably even in Dallas. But that UAPB and Tenn St game in Memphis would probably be a sell out for sure.

BoomBox Classic is fine like it is both atmosphere is great already

If any where they should play it back down in N.O. as the Big Easy Classic like they did in 04

Boombox Classic in Hattiesburg @ Southern Miss. Call it the Hub City Classic.The capacity is about 36,000. It would be a sellout for sure!

Dome atmosphers are usually not as exciting due to the more laid back setting and things, even with the Bayou Classic. If the Bayou Classic was held outdoors like in Shreveport or at LSU, it would be ALOT more crunk and entertaining.


Heres my list:

SU vs TxSU in Beaumont, TX

NCATSU vs SCSU in Charlotte, NC


thats all . lol


Bama state vs Tennessee state it would be nice to see them play in Knoxville,TN at Neyland stadium. It would be a nice classic

Neyland Stadium seats 100,000 +, it would look crazy having all of those empty seats there.

But it would be a nice classic @number1
su and jsu dont need to make that game a classic keep it at a normal game, why sponsers gon be playing music on the loud speaker then alot of other things will be conflicting the bands from playing. Uapb vs tnstate will be a good game but sell out naw that stadium too big. and su an jsu dnt ever need to be in no dome again jsu an su band know why worse audio due to two loud bands the mics were bouncing heavy makin sum songs sound iffy, but i think more cities need classics remember pv vs morehouse pulled 50,000 in cali. Houston need more games too.even dc need more gamed what about maryland too.

BoomBox needs to be made into an official classic tho IMO...if it's made into one it might not keep that name but still

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